Editorial Reviews. Review. "What do women want? At this point in his career Mr. Patterson Sundays at Tiffany's by [Patterson, James, Charbonnet, Gabrielle]. Sundays at Tiffany's by James Patterson; 1 edition; First published in DAISY for print-disabled Download ebook for print-disabled (DAISY). Title: Sundays at Tiffany's Author(s): James Patterson, Gabrielle Charbonnet ISBN: X / (USA edition) Publisher: Little, Brown .

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Sundays at Tiffany's is a heart-warming romance about a girl who until now has lived her life on the sidelines, about what it feels like to fall in. Jane Margaux is a lonely little girl. Her mother, a powerful Broadway producer, makes time for her only once a week, for their Sunday trip to admire jewelry at. Sundays at Tiffany's book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. As a little girl, Jane has no one. Her mother, the powerful.

And here's the twist That's a love story to tell the grandkids. I cannot say too much about this book without spoiling it, but I can say that the story really delivers A perfect end to a perfect romance.

A movie was made based on this bo Love love love this book! A movie was made based on this book, and although it was a fun film to watch, readers of the book will be disappointed since they took away many crucial points from the book that is the heart of the story. But I do recommend this book to fans of Patterson and hopeless romantics like me.

Jun 08, That Girl rated it it was ok. This was a fairly short and predictable read. I finished it in a matter of hours but that's just the way I go about reading any book I start. Unless I must put the book down, I'd rather try my best to keep reading keep the movie reel spinning.

I enjoyed the book for the idea behind it but I felt it lacked a lot of development and the style of writing felt very I don't know, junior high-ish? I don't find that to be a big factor in my thoughts of the story however I do find that not enough des This was a fairly short and predictable read. I don't find that to be a big factor in my thoughts of the story however I do find that not enough descriptions and attention to details were present.

There were too many chapters because most of the chapters were about two pages long. I understand that usually it signifies a change of setting, etc. As this being my personal review, I felt the author s could have done much more justice to the story than what had been done. The relationships could have been developed better as well. I could not find myself feeling anything for Jane or Micheal or Vivienne or even Hugh.

I did not feel any strong emotions for the relationship between Jane and Micheal in their relationship as "imaginary friends" or as adults. So to sum it up: View 2 comments. Jun 19, Kristen Sisaithong rated it did not like it. I picked this book randomly from the description online and added it to my list of books that I wanted for my birthday. Luckily, I have a very nice family that downloads nice books for me.

Unfortunately, the description was ill-fitting.

Where can i download an ebook of sundays at tiffany's by james patterson for free.?

Very sentimental, childish and predictable. The only way I can describe this book is by saying that it's so bad, you're slightly embarrassed to be caught reading it.

I know that Patterson is renowned for his action thrillers, so I'm going to give him the benefit of the I picked this book randomly from the description online and added it to my list of books that I wanted for my birthday. I know that Patterson is renowned for his action thrillers, so I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt -- maybe he just doesn't do love stories well. Another tedious thing related to the publishing: These are not the kind of chapters that leave you hanging, either.

If you are headed to the beach for the day and need something lighthearted to entertain you, bring this along. But if you want my advice, people-watching and sleeping would probably be more fun. View all 3 comments. Jan 18, Kelly rated it it was amazing. How can I begin? Sundays at Tiffany's was delightful. It embodied everything I enjoy about reading James Patterson.

His stories have such an incredible beat and flow to them. It is like reading a song. You get so caught up in the story that before you even realize it, you are three quarters of the way through. For me, this is when the anxiety hits. This is when I realize that I am almost to the point where I have to wait for another James Patterson story to take me away.

I immediately fell in lov How can I begin? I immediately fell in love with young Jane. Such a sweet child so lost in the world of her glamorous mother. Jane has the fortunate gift of a wonderful friend, Michael. Michael is the utmost in imaginary friends. He is handsome, a great listener, and he is entirely devoted to his Jane. Michael's and Jane's friendship is completely charming and wonderful, and I found myself thinking I should have thought larger when I had my own imaginary friend.

Jane as an adult is equally loveable. You find her likeable from the get go and you desperately want to see this woman happy. I do not want to go into anything that could remotely give the story away, but I will say that this goes above and beyond in good story telling with an ending that is not predictable. Sundays at Tiffany's is a truly remarkable story, and I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to read it.

Feb 05, Henry rated it liked it Shelves: This is one of those books that I am not supposed to like for a variety of reasons. One being that it is a mass marketed author which I seem to have a prejudice against.

There is no real reason for this mind set, I just seem to have it. Secondly, it is a really sappy sort of love story and I think that kind of book is just for girls. I know, I know, another unreasonable mind set, but I felt like I should be under a umbrella at the beach behind a pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses And finally, it is wr This is one of those books that I am not supposed to like for a variety of reasons. But you know what? I liked the book.

True, it is a sappy love story. And true, it is mass marketed. But for some unjustified reason I liked it. I found it a simplistic read that required no background knowledge but it would be nice to have been to Astors in New York City at some point in my lfe and I finished it quite rapidly. The story is about a little girl who has a imaginary friend that no one else can see and who, when the girl turns nine, must leave her forever. But later in life, when this little girl grows up, her imaginary friend comes back into her life by accident.

I now what you are thinking. The second half of the book Michael, the imaginary friend, tries to rationalize why this is happening, why are all the rules being broken, why did he cut himself shaving, why does his heart hurt?

But Michael can never stay in one place long, he always has another job and no one ever remembers him. Why is this time different? But it can't last Feb 28, Kate rated it did not like it. I was aware that I was not the audience for this book going in. I did. I felt high minded about it too, and secretly hoped that it would be a fluffy, fun read. I hope never to read something so ridiculous and poorly written again.

It was actually written not by James Patterson, but by Gabrielle Charbonnet. Patterson does this often, comes up with an outline or a plot idea, contracts it out, slaps his name on it and makes a fortune. Far be it from me to judge, but I do know that this book under some unknown name would never get published. With so many worthy writers out there, this is a shame. Sep 15, Joella rated it it was amazing. This book was wonderful.

Halfway through I told my kids and husband the story at dinner and they were all enthralled. Jane and Michael are great characters with comendable personalities. The book made me laugh several times.

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The characters were so real life. Other than the fact that Jane was very rich and Michael's occupation was an invisible friend that is.

My 9 year old daughter asked if she could read the book because she thought it sounded so good. Up til the last hour of the book I would ha This book was wonderful.

Up til the last hour of the book I would have said yes. The only thing that happened that I wouldn't want her to read up til that point was that Jane's boyfriend Hugh said the F word a few times. There is a very short love scene at the end that she is not old enough to read but I am sure today at dinner I will have to finish the story for them.

I would recommend this book to anyone. It made me laugh, love life and tear up a couple of times. I started this book expecting to be a sweet, heart-warming holiday-ish read with a bit of a fantastical element.

Granted, it indeed is a delightful, fantastical read to some extent, and I actually enjoyed reading this, but I cannot deny I was left feeling underwhelmed when I closed the book.

The premise is intriguing and the plot flows nicely. I would say this is such a page-turner with a strong first half. Jane was supposed to have forgotten about Michael at an instant when he left Jane on her 9th birthday. Michael is such an adorable character. The way he gets all flustered by the encounter with Jane which was what he least expected is such a delight to read, it had me giggling so many times and my anticipation was just on the rise as I kept turning pages.

The development from old friends to love interests is also captivating, such a fun to follow. Despite the interesting, promising start, the plot started taking a paint-by-numbers approach and turned into a typical romance. Once again, I did quite enjoy their friends-to-lovers relationship development and I found the writing strong. There were lots of compelling scenes that drove me up the walls and made my heart squeeze with sadness.

Oh, Classic son-of-a-bitch-type-of bastard, Hugh , and the story line. One part of me was telling me to take it in as is, but another part of me was trying in vain to put two and two together and figure out what he really is. ON top of all this, I found the twist in the end which happens in the last 20 pages a bit over the top. As he said so himself in the story, his rationale is just a stab in the dark, nothing is concrete nor clearly explained.

I think 3 stars will be a fair rating, for me, that is. May 14, Maria Ella rated it it was amazing Shelves: If I was Jane what will I do to release myself from the jaded mediocre life..? This is how Patterson will teach me - through this novel. I found the book online and placed it in my handheld gadget. As soon as it was stored I get comfortable on my bed and started reading. Enjoying the moments, both happy and sad, it made me realize some things.

Review and Reflections: We work our assignments together, play our games together, even run some errands together. We have owned such precious moments, and it will forever stay in our hearts.

That is why I cried a tear when Michael told Jane that her 9th birthday is the last day he will stay with her, thus, the end of his assignment.

Whatever will happen to Jane from that night on? Michael told us that Jane will simply forget that he arrived and became her friend.

Such treasure etched in her heart. As well as in mine. Fast forward and Jane is a messed-up. She is supposed to be living thirty, flirty and thriving but hell, she is with her mom and acting "okay" with her boyfriend named Hugh who is an actor - living the life "okay" though she is crying inside.

Depressed and on the brink of tears, she took down a memory lane and finally, to where her happiest moment was - taking a large sundae on a Sunday afternoon across Tiffany's. Suddenly it felt right. But what about Michael? Is he real? I will not elaborate the lovey-dovey parts of the story for I do not want to spoil the magic, but Patterson taught us to not forget , and no matter how tough the situation is, holding on to the happiest moment is the key to make it all right.

We have the power of attraction , a successful mantra that whatever challenge we are facing, we are to undergo and survive all this. In life and in love, the mantra is so powerful, it can mold faces and make two total strangers look like the same over the years.

It can leap through time, transcend through generations, and fly sky-high. I may not yet experience the kind of love that does not forget, but I have my power of attraction as my weapon. And believe me, I can give you one too.

View all 6 comments. Nicholas Sparks Fans.

This is a novel to download Mum for Mother's Day! It's filled with the instant gratification of a Mills and Boon combined with the sigh-worthy love story of 'The Notebook'. If you made me do a blind read on this one, I would never believe it was written by a man Now, I can't tell you too much without giving it away so I'll let the novel's byline do the talking: What if you're imaginary friend was your one true love?

Think about it. What a cool concept! I must admit tha This is a novel to download Mum for Mother's Day! I must admit that part of the novel's charm is trying to figure out exactly who or what Michael is and how on Earth he and Jane are going to get a happy ending. It is sorrow and joy, childhood and adulthood, beginnings and endings, all in one compact, delightful little novel.

Patterson has created another great little read that will leave you feeling, well, happy. If you've read 'The Notebook' or 'Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas', you'll know that when I say happy ending, I'm not guaranteeing it won't be sad. Read this novel if: You've loved 'The Notebook' or any of Nicholas Sparks's novels. The similarities between these two are significant. That book is easily worth 5 stars. Don't read this novel if: Emotions make you feel uncomfortable!

Lol, seriously, if you don't cry at movies or commercials, you may not enjoy this one. Definitely a book for the saps! Jun 26, Mandy rated it really liked it.

Reading this book for me was akin to curling up with a cup of hot chocolate and fuzzy blanket next to a fireplace. Cozy, sweet, warm, and just lovely. I really enjoyed the story of Jane and her journey of self discovery.

The love story may have waxed a bit sappy in some places or racy in one The relationship between Michael and Jane was so sweet. I also thought it was interesting to observe the dynamic between Jane and her mother. I was so proud of Jane when she started t Reading this book for me was akin to curling up with a cup of hot chocolate and fuzzy blanket next to a fireplace. I was so proud of Jane when she started to come into her own.

The ending surprised me, but I thought it very appropriate and actually liked it. So, if you are looking for a really lovely book that is pure enjoyment and fun, pick this one!!

Feb 27, Kara rated it did not like it. I think this book is LAME! I rolled my eyes throughout the story May 09, Denise rated it liked it. This is a sweet, easy read romance novel with a twist. For me, it was an excellent poolside read.

Maybe it makes us feel emotions that are locked away inside. Jane is an often lonely character; she has a difficult and strained relationship with her mother and an absent father, and so as a young girl she has an imaginary friend, a grown man named Michael.

We then flash forward some twenty-three years to the still lonely and insecure adult Jane and what happens when she becomes reunited with Michael. Is it all just a dream? Did she wish him up? Or is he her guardian angel? Take Michael, our leading man: Then there was our leading lady, Jane: And Jane's mother Vivian: A high-powered New York showbiz executive, always dressed up to the nines, always busy, always caring about appearances, never feeling genuine, domineering, manipulative , plastic surgery junkie….

So while this may have been bittersweet it was definitely on the creepy side of things if you let your mind go there… Yeah just.. I stopped thinking about whether Michael was experienced at this or not. We were together, and I just loved being with him.

Maybe because I could tell that Michael was happy to be with me too. I could feel it in his touch, and I could see it in his green eyes. He was loving this as much as I was. I kissed him again, tasted the sweetness of his mouth, then pulled my face away.

I looked into his eyes and whispered, "okay, yes, please. Yup cos here it comes I wanted an easy non-taxing read and yes I got that…. Aug 01, Julie rated it did not like it. I have to say I am truly disappointed in this book.

I think it takes a lot to make me unsatisfied with a read but this book just didn't do it for me. Both of those books were fabulous and very quick reads.

I loved them. I thought Sundays at Tiffany's would be the same but it wasn't. I am not giving anything away here but the main character fall I have to say I am truly disappointed in this book. I am not giving anything away here but the main character falls in love with her imaginary friend. It says this right on the front of the book. I had reserved the book at the library on-line and did not really know the premise of the story. After seeing the cover and reading the back I was skeptical but I thought I would give it a shot.

As I was ready the book is frustrating and confusing. Is the imaginary character real? Can other people see him? Sometimes it seems so and sometimes it doesn't. The imaginary character, Michael, doesn't even understand what he is. It's just weird. I stayed with it in hopes that the ending would some how redeem itself but it doesn't. I wouldn't waste my time with this book if I were you.

Just too weird for me.

It reminds me of the movie City of Angels Jan 18, Allison rated it liked it. WHY did the author have to put in that one scene??? This did not live up to my expectations at all. The first half of the book is adorable, and reading about the imaginary friends was exciting, but then I personally got just a little sick of hearing a how amazing Michael was, b how low Jane's self-esteem was, c how horrid Vivienne was and d how horrid Hugh was!

It was like James Patterson had four ideas left and half a WHY did the author have to put in that one scene???

It was like James Patterson had four ideas left and half a book to write, so he just replayed scenes over and over and over and over and over and OVER How many times does Hugh have to swear at Jane before she figures out that maybe she should just stop seeing him?

And - I really think that if an author insists on adding profanity he should at least be imaginative. And then Vivienne's death - all of a sudden! She loves her "Jane sweetie! Which is why she was totally horrible for all of Jane's life. But - the first half was sweet enough that I have to give it three stars. Oct 31, Rebecca McNutt rated it it was ok Shelves: I liked the concept of this book, but what started out as a riveting story about an adult woman's imaginary friend from childhood returning to her, soon became just another typical chick-lit romance with little else going for it.

Feb 20, T. V and Book Addict rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is amazing!!! I highly, highly recommend it. It's so darn awesome. It's one of THE best love stories I have ever read, and that's saying something, because I have read a lot of those. I already miss Jane and Michael awwwww!!!! It's so darn original you have no idea, unless you've read it of course haha I absolutely love the idea of imaginary friends, which is one of the reasons I love Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends hehe.

This book is about Jane and her imaginary friend Michael!!! When Jane's ninth I know for sure it's her ninth birthday, on bn it says eight.. What always happens is that imaginary friends yes there are more! But this time, for some crazy reason, it's different. Michael leaves, but Jane never forgot Michael like she was supposed to. The universe or The Man, has something in store for these two because.. I loved the story and how it was put together. The chapters alternate from Jane's point of view to Michael's, so the reader finds out what each is thinking, it's nice.

At times it could be so very funny and at others so very sad: It is a completly lovely page turner that I had to finish once I got started.

Sundays at Tiffany's Themes

Like I said before, I highly recommend it. And hey, it's perfect for valentine's day coming up. View all 4 comments. Jul 12, Michael rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Mother and daughter. Vivienne kissed me on the cheek and then got down to business. The business of me.

That's not too bad. Carbs, of course, but —" " Jane-Sweetie, we've talked about your weight ———" my mother began.

Even Jason smiled. Vivienne didn't move a facial muscle. She was always trying not to frown because she didn't want to get wrinkles before her time.

Say, ninety or so. Vivienne turned back to me. In private. Michael ordered it. Michael was on my other side. How are you today?

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There's no reason why anyone should walk around like this. She'll come out looking like a Vogue model. Our time together. You don't need a makeover. Never forget that. She took a napkin, dipped it in my water glass, and wiped the fudge sauce from my cheeks. There might be a big fancy party in your future.

A birthday party!

I thought, and suddenly I forgave her for everything else. I hear Tiffany's calling. Michael and I both got up. He leaned down and kissed the top of my head, right on the frizzy hair that pained Jason so. Regis's revolving door. She glanced back. I was always doing that. Poor, poor little girl! The next morning, Michael waited outside Jane's fancy Park Avenue building, as he always did. It was a good thing he was invisible: his wrinkled corduroys, faded yellow golf shirt, and docksiders wouldn't cut it in this pricey neighborhood.

He was thinking about something pretty amazing that Jane had said when she was only four years old. Vivienne had been heading off to Europe for a month.

He'd been concerned about how Jane would cope.

But Jane had shrugged it off and said, "Love means you can never be apart. But that was Jane, wasn't it? She was an incredible girl. So what was he going to do with himself on this lovely day while Jane was locked away in school?

Maybe a big breakfast over at the Olympia Diner ——— pancakes, sausage, eggs, keep the buttered rye toast coming. He might even get together with a couple of other imaginary friends who worked in the neighborhood. What exactly were the duties of an imaginary friend? Pretty much just to make it easier for the child to fit into the world without feeling too alone or scared.

Whatever it took. The incredibly pure love between a kid and an imaginary friend. It didn't get better than that. Where did he fit in the great cosmic plan?

Well, no one had ever told him. Michael looked at his watch, an ancient Timex that kept on ticking just as the ads promised it would.

It was exactly Jane would be down at , just like every other weekday morning. Jane never kept anyone waiting. Such a sweetheart. Then he saw her, but pretended not to, as always. She hitched her schoolbag onto her small shoulder, and they headed off to school. Sometimes he let people see him; sometimes he didn't. She could never be sure which — or why. As soon as they were out of the doorman's sight, she took his hand.

Michael loved that more than he could ever say. It made him feel like ——— he didn't know. A dad? Squirrel on whole wheat, wilted iceberg lettuce, hold the three-day-old mayo? A couple of minutes later ——— too soon ——— they were at the tall, imposing school gates, only a block and a half from Jane's apartment building. The entrance was a sea of little girls in navy jumpers over simple white blouses. They all wore either Mary Janes or saddle shoes, socks turned down just so.

I don't even care what kind anymore. Maybe he'll be at my party. First we have to see The Problem with Kansas, though. And you're invited, of course. I can't wait to see Kansas. You go in now, and I'll be back at three to pick you up.

As per usual.

What's Inside

So I don't embarrass you. For a split second he had an idea of exactly what she would look like as a grown-up ——— the serious face, her warm smile, those intelligent eyes that reached right into his soul. Michael didn't blink until he saw her head of blond curls slip behind the door. He waited. Jane peeked out again, as she always did. She waved, smiled, then disappeared for good. Suddenly Michael needed to blink. Several times, actually. He felt as if a giant had stepped on his chest.

His heart actually hurt. How was he going to tell Jane that he had to leave her tomorrow? That was another duty of an imaginary friend, and possibly the worst.

People always remember the worst day of their lives. It becomes part of them forever. So I remember my ninth birthday with piercing clarity. That day after school, Michael and I got ready. I hadn't seen Vivienne all day, so she hadn't had a chance to wish me a happy birthday yet.

But Michael had met me at school with flowers. I remember how grown-up that made me feel. Those apricot roses were the most beautiful things I'd ever seen. I hardly remember the play, but I know that the audience laughed and cried and gasped in all the right places.

Michael and I held hands, and I had a fluttering excitement inside my chest. Everything good was about to happen: It was my turn. A birthday party, hopefully a puppy, Michael was with me, my mother would be happy about the play. Everything seemed wonderful, everything seemed possible.

At the curtain call, Vivienne walked onstage with the cast. She pretended to be shy and shocked that everyone liked her new show so much. She bowed, and the audience stood and clapped. I stood up too, and clapped the hardest, and I loved her so much I could hardly bear it. Someday she would love me back just as much, I was sure of it.

Then it was time for my birthday party at our apartment. The first people to arrive were the dancers from my mother's play.

I could have predicted that. Dancers don't make that much money, and they were probably starving after dancing so much. In the front hallway with the black-and-white marble floor, a group of them were taking off their coats, revealing stick-figure bodies.

Even at nine years old, I knew I'd never look like that. You're cute as a button. I searched for Michael and finally saw him standing near the piano player. The room was as noisy as a theater during intermission. You could barely hear the piano over the chatter. Near the door to the library I saw that Vivienne had arrived, and she was talking to a tall, silver-haired man wearing a tuxedo jacket and blue jeans.

I'd seen him at a couple of rehearsals for Kansas and knew he was some kind of writer. They were standing very close to each other, and I got a sinking feeling that he was auditioning for the role of Vivienne's fourth husband. A little old lady who played the grandmother in The Problem with Kansas hooked me with the handle of her cane.

I try to be," I told her. Straight up or on the rocks? You are a sophisticated one. Could you possibly be a midget? He was whispering something to the piano player. What was he up to? As I began to walk toward one of the bars, I heard a loud voice.Her choice to deny Hugh the role destroys their future together, and this distraught young woman revisits the source of her childhood pleasure.

But not even Michael knows the reason they've really been reunited. When I got to the end of this one I felt cheated because the ending was missing, like someone ripped the final chapters out of the book which is hard to do on a Kindle.

This is not a cliff hanger it is a stall Patterson is holding the ending hostage. Tuesdays with Morrie Mitch Albom.