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Many, many in this country, this fruit of the Enlightenment would have us recognize a state religion. This is an interesting interpretation of the radical enlightenment within Pre-Revolutionary French society.

He is a professional historian who studied at Vienna and Oxford with a focus on eighteenth-century intellectual history. While in a godless universe there is no transcendental yardstick of an absolute, revealed Truth and Goodness, it is perfectly easy to see what is beneficial and what is harmful to people here and now.

His academic works include: The second volume in contains a number of articles by Holbach, he would eventually write more thanand the title page pays tribute to an unnamed person who is almost certainly Holbach. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

De scherpe pen van Friedrich Nietzsche merkte hieromtrent op dat Voltaire de laatste grote geest van het oude Frankrijk was en Diderot de eerste grote geest van het nieuwe Frankrijk.

Philosophy, Modernity, and the Emancipation of Man are equally wonderful.


Forgive my unmentionably irritating pun, but this is sacred to me: This insight alone should be the principle of all morality. Het is een fantastisch werk. Dit heeft tot gevolg dat er bijzonder veel herhalingen in voorkomen vooral over wat Blom veronderstelt. Zo gentf de link gelegd tussen enerzijds het blm onbekende Griekse epicurische denken via de Romein Lucretius en de wegbereiders Pierre Bayle en Baruch Spinoza en anderzijds Diderot en Holbach.

This is an excellent book on French enlightenment philosophers, especially Diderot, Holbach, and to a lesser extent Rousseau. All in all a good read.

It seems the philosophes knew exactly what Horace meant. He does a good job tying these debates and personal contentions to their historical impact, and overall the presentation is detailed and nuanced. Jul 21, Chaz rated it really liked it Shelves: Great cast of characters, excellent capsule summaries of their philosophical outlooks and the debates among them although the sledding here sometimes gets a little heavy.

Rousseau was a deist who rejected materialism and atheism.

The view that Rousseau was the originator of totalitarianism is entirely unhistorical. Thanks for telling us about the problem.


Blomm toont tevens aan hoe hard de strijd is om opgenomen te worden in de canon van de geschiedenis en wil zelf zijn bijdrage hieraan leveren door het moedige denken van rede en hartstocht van Diderot, Holbach en co, de vergeten radicalen van de Verlichting, te rehabiliteren. This stated partiality initially concerned me, but did not reduce my enjoyment of the book overall.

It was a dangerous idea, because a moral code based on the pursuit of happiness in this life had truly revolutionary implications. View all 3 comments. Gentee Diderot was de bekendste vaste bezoeker van het salon van Holbach en schreef een hele resem boeken en toneelstukken. I have read nothing else on Rousseau, so I have to wonder whether this thoroughly negative picture is indeed justified.

Een ander sterk punt van het boek is de manier waarop de filosofische opvattingen van de radicale denkers van de Rue Royale uitgelegd en gecontextualiseerd worden op een begrijpelijke toon zonder de fijne nuances te verliezen. I did like the extra information regarding their lives, how they changed, and the reflectivity of viewing their lives th While I very much enjoyed the subject matter and contextual, formative placement of the philosophesI did find this a chore phikipp read hpilipp starting about halfway.

A terrific read, erudite and witty, this packs an impressive amount of information, much of it quite abstract, into a fast-moving and absorbing narrative. There was peligroxa place in this vision for an aristocracy, for birthright, or for social hierarchy. His novel, Luxor has not yet been translated into English.

Blom believes that Holbach has been unjustly neglected and relegated to the footnotes of history because his materialism and atheism are rejected today.

This was a really compelling read for a social history.

Philipp Blom That alone would qualify him as a revolutionary thinker. Refresh and try again. To Have and to Hold: It gives you a sense of what the French Enlightenment was really about and bom the major players were, and makes a compelling case that those players were not who we are traditionally taught they were. And, by the end of the book, the descriptions of their philosophies got old.

This is explained clearly and at length, in a highly sympathetic and appealing style. Oct 02, Christopherseelie rated it really liked it.It was a huge publishing success: The second volume in contains a number of articles by Holbach, he would eventually write more thanand the title page pays tribute to an unnamed person who is almost certainly Holbach.

They were vastly popular in Paris, but as Diderot is famous to have said: All in all a good read. The latter still flirted with the political status quo and entertained deism.

Romantic Enlightenment relates to Jean-Jacques Rousseau and his followers. Holbach peligdosa at the University of Leiden in where he became a friend of John Wilkes, who went on to become a notorious English radical. This is an interesting interpretation of the radical enlightenment within Pre-Revolutionary French society.

Right from the Introduction, it is clear that Blom has a hobby horse to ride and it nearly ruins the book. Het is een fantastisch werk.

Met kleurrijke details en anekdotes over alle protagonisten zet Blom de Philosophes neer als mensen van vlees en bloed die ook hun kleine kantjes hadden.