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Ein Projekt der Koordinationsstelle für Frauenförderung und Gender Studies der TU .. Das Projekt „Gender in die Lehre“ (GiL) an der TU Wien ist ein Projekt der Koordinationsstelle für schen Techniksteuerung. xawb.info pdfs/xawb.info [] .. Alpha Sigma Kappa: Women in Technical Studies . Id== projekte/alpha/frames/xawb.info> pdf> . Hyperloop Alpha. Intro. The first several pages will attempt to describe the design in everyday language, keeping numbers to a minimum and avoiding formulas.

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Afrika - Kenia

To assist the participant in making an informed decision, research staff attempt to dispel misinformation or myths about contraceptive methods and to answer any questions or concerns regarding each method. During this session, the research assistant collects clinical information using a standardized form to identify contraindications or conditions that may influence the use of a particular contraceptive method. Once the woman has chosen her method, the counselor obtains the approval of the clinician for the chosen method regardless of recruitment location.

If a method is medically contraindicated, the clinician consults with the participant to identify a more suitable contraceptive method; otherwise participants receive their initial method of choice.

After contraceptive counseling is completed, informed consent is obtained to participate in CHOICE by engaged research staff at the recruitment location.

For women under the age of 18 years, we obtain their assent and the consent of one parent or legal guardian. Emancipated minors are consented as adults.

Following informed consent, research staff administers a standardized survey instrument and collects detailed contact information. Comprehensive contact information e. The participant is then screened for sexually transmitted infections STIs; Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Trichomonas vaginalis, and syphilis and HIV, and the chosen contraceptive method is provided.

Once pregnancy is ruled out, women who choose a LARC method undergo insertion by a trained clinician at the time of enrollment. Participants are encouraged to immediately initiate their contraceptive method, 10 - 12 and can return in weeks for a repeat pregnancy test and LARC insertion, if desired.

Following the enrollment session participants are interviewed by phone 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, and months post-enrollment using standardized survey instruments. Participants are initially notified by mail or e-mail two weeks prior to their next follow-up contact, and are then called to schedule the interview. Participants are screened again for C.

The baseline and follow-up survey instruments collect comprehensive information on demographic characteristics, past and current reproductive history including contraceptive experience e.

During both scheduled and interim contacts research staff also collect and record clinically relevant data including complaints, complications, side effects, method expulsions and removals, pregnancies and outcomes, and STI occurrence and treatment. Women who choose a LARC method can receive the method at their enrollment site or can request that their regular healthcare provider insert the method.

Research staff travels to these physician offices or recruitment sites with LARC methods and provide the clinician with the method for insertion. Following enrollment, every participant, regardless of method choice, receives a CHOICE prescription card that documents her participation in CHOICE and allows her to obtain her OCPs, vaginal ring, or transdermal patch on a monthly basis at a local pharmacy chain located throughout the St.

Participants who are established patients of the local family planning clinic may obtain their monthly refills or DMPA at selected family planning clinics in the St.

Louis area. On a monthly basis, the pharmacy chain and local family planning clinic provide CHOICE with claims data documenting the date and methods dispensed for each participant and are subsequently reimbursed. To analyze the predictors of choosing LARC at enrollment, we used Poisson regression with robust error variance.

Statistical analyses were conducted using SAS Software v.When you back the Kickstarter you'll get immediate access to the full draft rules, which you can find in the first backer update. Reward no longer available 3 backers.

Heat sinks with excellent thermal conductivity TC cannot be exploited to their maximum if the interface to the cooled electronic component is poor due to a thermal paste layer. Participants are encouraged to immediately initiate their contraceptive method, 10 - 12 and can return in weeks for a repeat pregnancy test and LARC insertion, if desired. In July , Randi leaked statements about the project at a magician's meeting in Pittsburgh. Direct, solid-solid interfaces achieve a lower interfacial thermal resistance or Kapitza resistance , but require matching coefficients of thermal expansion CTE to avoid mechanical failure.